Path Of Least Resistance

Looking at situations from our own perspectives, it’s easy to identify what others aren’t doing right.

I mean— “If I were there, I’d…” “I wouldn’t…“ “You need to…”

Maybe their path looks like the opening image, to others on the outside, not experiencing it.

Maybe to the one experiencing it, the path looks more like this—

Not seeing, or believing things to be the first way does not make the person wrong.

Treating them like it’s obvious it’s the first path— that is wrong.

How can the person ever find the path of least resistance when others add to the frustration, creating such a weighty friction? It makes things for them even harder to push through, or pursue.

We all need to be part of the path of least resistance, in order to bring peace of mind, and enable full healing.

People matter more. More than our embarrassment of their open weakness. More than the “right way”. More than our opinions of how things are handled.

Gentleness. Kindness. Self-control — of our own expectations. Love. Patience.


Givers and demonstrators of hope and peace.

Not abandoning. Not relaying hopelessness.

We are very good at expecting. Not so good at just letting.


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